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Tech giants like Huawei, Qualcomm, Didi Chuxing and DJI become “new powers” of the Auto Shanghai Show 2021, releasing new cars, operating system, cockpits, autonomous driving tools and chips for cars.

It represented integration between the tech and car industries with electric and intelligent trends.

It’s the first car to be available in China with Huawei’s ecosystem.

Three new Huawei-featured models are displayed in Huawei’s flagship store on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai. It will open for test drive registration since Wednesday.

Compared with traditional car brands, Huawei has its unique advantages on distribution channels. Huawei now has over 5,000 stores in China, compared with “several hundred stores” for the car brands, said Richard Yu, Huawei Consumer Business Group’s chief executive.

The Huawei-backed Seres supports cruising range up to 1,000 kilometers between each charging, double or triple compared with current electricity cars, Yu added.

It will solve the“mileage concerns” of many electric car owners, he added.






Huawei's CBG CEO Richard Yu introduces new cars with Huawei's technology and systems, which will be available next month.

Huawei also announced to partner with other Chinese auto manufacturers on intelligent electric vehicle. Chinese automaker GAC plans to introduce a model with autonomous driving functions developed with Huawei in the next few years.

Mobile chip giant Qualcomm displayed its automotive solutions with Chinese auto brands like NIO, Xiaopeng, WEY, Lync&Co and IM in the auto show.

Qualcomm's car technologies and solutions, covering 4G/5G and V2X as vehicle communication, intelligent cockpit, ADAS or the Advanced driver-assistance systems and car-to-cloud service, are used in 150 million cars worldwide.

The chip giant aims to expand ecosystem “circles” of clients and partners in China. It expects autonomous driving platform Snapdragon Ride to be in commercial use in 2022.


  • 2021-05-05 00:02:30